COMIC RELAUNCH    07/06/22

super excited to announce that the relaunch of the comic is now live!!! you can view it for free on as i release the new pages weekly!

EMOJI PAGE    02/06/22

finally added an emoji download page!! this was previously hosted on my patreon (i still post them there early) but i rly wanted a quick easy place to click and download them all


junes gonna be a super busy month!!! i'll be posting TWO comic pages on patreon every week (or one page per week on the free site) as i release the chapter 1 redraw :D

GRAND OPENING    12/05/22

ok ... officially time to say WELCOME TO MY SITE!!! is now fully functional .. uh, unless i spot more bugs :|

SITE PUBLISHED    22/04/22

the site is a little empty right now but i'm working on filling it over the next few days! adding new pages and figuring out what i want to have up ... i think i'll host my old zines here for free :)

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