what's OCtober?
a yearly event focusing on original characters! you post stuff about them on social media based on daily prompts

did you invent OCtober?
nope, it's a spin-off of inktober ... i just make my own list :) it's called 'bweirdoctober' to differentiate the tag from other people's oc-tober lists

do i have to draw EVERY DAY?
no! you are allowed (encouraged even!) to skip as many days as you want in my events! burnout does not make u a better artist, it just makes u tired!

do i have to DRAW?
nope! you can do it as writing/tweets/posts instead if you want! or re-posting older art that fits the theme is ok too!

can i prepare my art early?
yep! go nuts! so long as you wait to post it on the correct day in october

what's the tag?
#bweirdoctober for my specific prompt list! #oc_tober for general


1. no NSFW art in the tag please! (this is an all-ages event)
2. no burning yourself out! skip days if you get tired!
3. like/retweet/comment on art in the tag as often as you can ... talk to other artists and make friends!

2022 prompts:

bold = prompts | italic = optional prompts (you can skip them!)


1: favourite oc - which ever character is your fav right now
2: new - can be your newest oc, or just a relatively recent one
3: old - can be your very first oc, or just one you haven't drawn in a while
4: re-designed oc - a character who's gone through a re-design in the past, or give one a brand new redesign now!


5: best friend - ocs who are besties!
6: enemy - ocs who don't get along
7: family - parents, childred, siblings .. or found family if your ocs don't have blood relations!
8: romance - canon or not!
9: pets - if your ocs don't have pets, what animal do they like?
10: group - a bunch of ocs all hanging out!


11: meme - redraw a meme with your oc, or just post memes that remind you of them!
12: inspirations - what inspired you to create your oc OR ALTERNATIVELY what makes your oc feel inspired?
13: palette challenge 1 - hex codes #260A16 #8D003C #C92D53 #F1688A #537AAE #FFB4BD

14: -sona - examples: fursona, pokesona, clownsona, superhero-sona, witchsona etc etc
15: inventory - what objects does your oc carry around? what objects are important to them?
16: kitchen - what does your oc like to eat? alternatively: draw your oc cooking
17: palette challenge 2 - hex codes #02207B #5059FD #34B791 #8EDD75 #F34A83 #E6E88D


18: draw a friend's oc
19-22: more friends' ocs! - as many as you want! maybe you could even set up art trades with your friends this week to draw each other's characters
23: your oc meeting a friend's oc


24: vampire - an oc who is a vampire, or a regular oc dressed as one!
25: autumn - AKA fall, for you americans
26: witch - an oc who is a witch, or a regular oc dressed as one!
27: scared - what is your character afraid of?
28: ghost - an oc who is a ghost, or a regular oc dressed as one!
29: palette challenge 3 - hex codes #4A1727 #A72E75 #FE481C #FDA64A #BD8C32 #FFE7AB

30: free day (skip, or draw anything you want!)
31: halloween - costumes! trick or treating! horror movies! haunted houses! go nuts, it's the last day!


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